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Frequently Asked Questions

When I click on a newspaper link, I am asked to register for a newspaper's website. Isn't there a way to avoid this?
Yes, there is. Go to: Then type in the web address of the newspaper you want to visit. You will be provided a username and password you can use to bypass the required registration for that site.
What time are the news links updated each day?
We try to have the new links of the day go 'live' by 8am on weekdays, and by 10:30am on weekends. (Some weekend days we don't publish at all.)
You missed an article or an editorial.
On occasion, an article of statewide or other special significance will not be linked due to an oversight or other technical reasons. Also, if a major story is carried by all of the daily papers, our editors will typically pick the best of these to link, but not all of them. If there is an article in a major California daily that you would like considered for inclusion on the FlashReport, please e-mail the newspaper link (not the article text) to Typically hard news stories of statewide interest from major California dailies are regularly linked on the page as well as columns of significance to California politics. Occasionally, the editors will include links to columns or editorials of special significance. Our editors may exclude stories with little news value or inexcusably unbalanced stories at their discretion.
How can I review articles from previous days?
Click on today's date at the top right of the FlashReport page, and you will see a drop down menu of previous dates, from which you can then select the date that you wish to view. If you want to back further than 30 days, then you can access previous month's issues of the FlashReport via the "Archives" menu.
What if I don't understand an abbreviation used for a news source?
Move your curser over the "News Sources" menu and the list of news sources will come up. Next to each source is the abbreviation that is used in the FlashReport. Some abbreviations will also be found under the "Favorite Links" menu.
What does it mean when an article link ends with an asterisk (*)?
This means that the link is to a site that requires a paid subscription. Even though most FR readers will not be able to read the story, some will, and it also lets readers know WHERE stories appear.
What is the Golden Pen section? Is it possible to suggest columns for consideration in the Golden Pen?
The Golden Pen is a column or opinion piece which the editors would like to feature. These are not always from the current day, and so there is an opportunity to suggest items for future consideration by e-mailing the link only to
Why does the FlashReport include so much commentary and opinion, instead of just presenting straight news stories? And why are the overwhelming political leanings of the featured commentaries and opinion pieces so conservative or libertarian?
It is the hopes of the editors to not only pass along important news stories, but also to help shape the way that you look at the news. Our leanings here are quite conservative, and we want to encourage you to think that way, too!
What is the difference between the Commentary section and the Blog?
The Commentary section on the day's news is our editor's brief look at the specific news stories of that day, and it is updated in conjunction with the article links. The Blog is place where the blog authors will post items of interest throughout the day, and can range from a news update to an observation or an opinion.
What if there is a news source, columnist, cartoonist, website or blog that I would like to recommend from inclusion on one of the FlashReport resource lists?
Just e-mail the link only to
Why are there advertisements on this site?
The FlashReport is a voluntary endeavor. The funds that we bring in through the ads go towards site maintenance, advertising, and making sure the equipment used to produce the FlashReport is current, and in tip-tip shape! Funds from ads help insure this site is free for all, rather than subscription-based. We happily take donations.
Do you agree politically with everything that appears on this site, or that you link to from this site?
Of course not. The FlashReport is a place to bring you news and opinions, but we frequently post links to columns or editorials with which the editors disagree. This way you get a clearer picture of what is being said or expressed. As for the links to websites and to blogs - again, we try to provide you with ways to get more information. We do not closely monitor these other sites, and certainly cannot say we agree with everything posted on them!
Why don't you allow for visitors to post comments on the FlashReport Blog?
The Publisher doesn't want to deal with constantly looking at the site, to see if inappropriate things have been posted.
Why do some of your ads have a ghost flicker over to the left?
No one knows why this anomaly occurs. But we have noticed that it happens less often if you have upgraded to the most recent version of your browser, and the most recent version of MacroMedia's Flash Player.